Mirano’s story begins in the early 1960’s. Our founders' passion for travel and exploration drove them to explore new ways of making travel easier and more accessible. After visiting more than 90 countries across the globe, adventuring through the enchanting palaces of India, to the bustling streets of New York.

Our founders started off as a small street side shop making luggage using European made materials. Today Mirano boasts as one of Europe’s rising luggage brands, providing high quality luggage to those that value adventure and travel.



Group Overview

Mirano has been a household name in international fashion, travel bags, and real-estate projects across Eastern Europe. Mirano is the proud exclusive distributor of some of the world’s most well-known international luggage brands. Our portfolio of brands include; French brand Delsey, British brand Carlton, VIP, Klept, and SkyBags. They are displayed in our contemporary-designed stores across all of Romania’s prestigious shopping centers.

 Mirano's design and quality are constantly developing in order to satisfy our customer’s ever changing needs, they are made of superior materials and are put through the most stringent quality tests. 

about us

Other than our retail business, Mirano possess high value real estate across Eastern Europe, and continues to invest in new exciting real estate projects. Our asset portfolios include the 20,000m2 Mirano shopping complex in the center of Bucharest, the elegant office buildings, and modern warehouse complexes in the business sector of Bucharest, in addition to many residential and commercial projects including indoor playgrounds, sport fields, and event ballrooms.